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Latitude 32 48' 48" Longitude: -108 05' 26"



The Fierro Canyon Gallery carries unique Modernist Photographic Works with a tendency toward the abstract. We exhibit photography that expresses itself through the creative use of light, texture, rhythm, form, and balance.   

The lens of a camera

My Background

A collection of 25 cameras.

Christopher Saxman has combined his experience as an Architect with his camera work and design training to create work that is simple, clean and UN-manipulated

"Artwork that depicts emotion and or character." Christopher Saxman

Christopher Saxman  promotes awareness and appreciation of photography.

The Fierro Canyon Gallery specializes in Abstract , Contemporary and Modernist Photography.

Sharing Stories

A truck 
wonderful patina

The Fierro Canyon Gallery " Where the coffee is Hot and the Art is Cool" 


Artist Statement:

Christopher Saxman is an architect by training. He was born into a family of photographers. He received his first camera and guidance from his father at age 13.  His architectural and design training, along with 50 years of camera work,and shooting photos around the world  has given him an eye for composition, light, detail, texture and color. Christopher's subjects are often simple, photos of bikes, doors, walls, fish, and water. That simplicity allows one to focus on the detail, color and composition. His photographs, described as painterly and abstract, are all about expressing the art in photography.


Raised in Bozeman, Montana

United States Marine 1966 - 68  Vietnam Combat Veteran

Graduated from Montana State University -1972 - Architecture / Art

  •  Received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal and AIA Scholastic Award
  •  Received his Masters in Architecture - 2008

Worked as a designer in a California Architecture firm 

Re.  located on Whidbey Island, Washington  - 1978

  •   Ran his Architectural Firm for 30 years
  •   Developed many building projects on his own
  •   Owned  a Construction Company
  •   Designs and build Furniture
  •   Remolded several homes carrying out most of the construction himself
  •   Re - located to Hanover, NM - 2009
  •   Opened - The Fierro Canyon Gallery

Gallery  Showings and Awards  

  Whidbey Panorama Gallery Show - 2004

 Jean Spaulding Showing  -  San Francisco - 2005

 Penn Cove Gallery - Showing Member - 2005 - 2008

 EarthenWorks Gallery  - 2005

 Coupeville Juried Art Show 1st Place - 2006

 Whidbey Island Studio Tour  - 2007 - 2008

 The " Joaquin Clausell " Gallery, Campeche Mx - One Person Show            2007 & 2008

 JW Art Gallery  Hurley, New Mexico  - 2010

A tree 
A line drawn in the sky
Abstract image

A tree A line drawn in the sky Abstract image